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No great feat was ever achieved without a clear plan of action! At Querencia we will sit down with you to learn all there is to know about your brand identity, your values and your objectives before we get to work on your campaign. Only when our vision is in alignment with yours will we move onto the next stage of the process.

Development and Testing

We want to ensure that your campaign generates as high a revenue as possible, so we will always launch a series of test campaigns prior to the official launch date. These tests allow us to identify any potential stumbling blocks and assess which elements of the campaign customers respond most positivity too, giving us all the insights and tools we need to launch an outstanding campaign for your brand.

Launch and Management

Once we’ve officially launched your campaign, our workforce of knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales representatives will be on hand to deliver an exceptional experience to consumers and drive brand awareness for your brand. At Querencia we also offer weekly reporting, which not only allows is to adapt the campaign swiftly in response to emerging market trends, but also keeps you in the loop of how your campaign is performing.