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Querencia Inspire their Workforce with New Travel Opportunities

Querencia Inspire their Workforce with New Travel Opportunities

Fresh sales and marketing firm Querencia has revealed that to inspire peak performance and engage their workforce, they are currently running some competitions, which will see the lucky winners jet off to some of the world’s top destinations.

Querencia is new company developed to bridge a gap for brands who understand the importance of a personalised face to face resource for their customers.  Bringing brands to life in showcase promotions the firm have sparked interest in their unique approach.  The company was named after the Spanish term referring to a safe place for people to go and draw strength.  This is the exact function the company has created for its clients.  By offering brands the power to win even the most competitive markets, they are pleased to see their business model attract top household names from the offset. 

The firm has released a statement confirming the rumours that high achievers within the company can win exclusive trips to sought after locations across the globe.  The competitions will test a broad range of skills, giving everyone an equal opportunity to win the firm will hold specified workshops on topics which will boost skills directly linked to scoring points in the competitions.  With huge rewards at stake, the firm has already seen an increase in productivity as everyone looks to get a head start on the competition. 

The prizes gathering the most interest include an all-expenses paid trip to Marbella in August, where relaxation will be the order of play.  With many celebrities showcasing n social media the beautiful location this prize needs no further introduction.  Sales and Marketing consultants have also set a competition for businesses who can run the most profitable campaigns the opportunity to take their entire sales force across the pond and meet and mingle with some of the most renowned industry experts in Las Vegas.  The trip will be an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of leadership and industry expertise.  With a whole host of additional leisure activities thrown in for the stay. 

As we move into an era where technology allows communication to happen irrespective of location, it is easy for businesses to overlook the importance of travelling for business.  Travelling boasts many benefits for the company and its workers, and Querencia is keen to put these in the spotlight to ensure they remain fresh in every business owners mind. 

Their top 3 reasons to get out of the office are: 

Networking – The opportunity to meet new faces and connect with varying business people is dramatically increased outside of the four walls of the office.  Often existing contacts can introduce new contacts during meetings, and these personal references can add considerable value to a person when they may need a product or service. 

Leadership – good leaders understand the importance of being visible, and physical presence shows you invested in a project or cause, a senior presence can inspire new ideas and boost productivity.  Make sure during visits time is spent looking at all processes to maximise opportunities to make improvements. 

Human Interaction – Non-face to face communication can come laden with misunderstanding, tension and confusion.  This can test even the strongest connections.  Ensure regular face to face meetings occur to ensure connections remain active, especially during periods of growth and change.