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Querencia Launch Growth Drive

Querencia Launch Growth Drive

As Sheffield’s Newest sales and marketing start-up, Querencia is bringing fresh thinking to the industry and already creating a buzz among brands. As such, the firm is currently on a mission to grow and has released a statement on what they are looking for from Sheffield’s Talent pool.  

Querencia is new company developed to bridge a gap for brands who understand the importance of a personalised face to face resource for their customers.  Bringing brands to life in showcase promotions the firm have sparked interest in their unique approach.  The company was named after the Spanish term referring to a safe place for people to go and draw strength.  This is the exact function the company has created for its clients.  By offering brands the power to win even the most competitive markets, they are pleased to see their business model attract top household names from the offset.

Selecting Sheffield as their business hub; Querencia is anticipating tremendous growth in the coming years as the busy city offers a vast and diverse talent pool.  With the university attracting the academic individuals and the culture of the city attracting the creative minds.  Handing their screening processes, the firm is confident they can enhance their existing team of contractors to compliment the company culture and create a united, engaged and inspiring community to help secure success and improve performance as they attract new clients throughout the year.

To instil confidence in the job seeker, the firm is looking to promote their desire to hire on matching attributes over a persons’ employment history.  The managing director of the company was afforded a chance when he started out in the industry and is lending the same opportunities to entrepreneurial minded individuals from the community.

Querencia shares the top attributes they are looking for during this period of growth:

People Skills – Predominantly duties will include demonstrating and assisting customers face to face. Therefore confidence working with people is a must.  This hands-on role will see the rapid advancement of communication skills due to the fast-paced nature of the business model.

Success Habits – our firm is committed to a disciplined approach; continual learning opportunities will be available through workshops centred around developing healthy working habits.  The firm’s approach is both practical and fun, and leaders can inject energy into each workshop.  High achievers will be offered travel opportunities and will be rewarded through tailored structures.

Adaptable – With varying clients and campaigns, an adaptable personality is a must.  Solution orientated approaches are favoured by the firm as there will be periods of unsupervised work.

The desire to be the Best! Everyone at Querencia has worked from the ground up, and as a result, their experience and knowledge of the sales and marketing industry are second to none. The firm believes that this no seniority approach is a powerful motivator as it not only levels the playing field but shows new candidates just what is possible to achieve in this environment.

For anyone looking for people with a desire to be the best, and who are keen to surround themselves with and learn from the best in the business. Send a CV with an up to date contact number to