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Querencia Respond to Claims Customer Loyalty Starts from Within

Querencia Respond to Claims Customer Loyalty Starts from Within

Customer experience specialists Querencia has spoken out in response to an article claiming that to encourage customer loyalty, companies must first look at their business culture. 

Research has again pointed towards a lack of confidence in brands and a slump in loyalty.  Sales and Marketing specialists Querencia are alarmed that brands haven’t yet learnt from declining numbers surrounding customer satisfaction.  The firm is confident brands can benefit from improving their company cultures and allow their brands to emit positivity from within.  With only 6 percent of Brits trusting brands it is vital to act now. With poor quality and bad service being the top two reasons customers are disengaging with brands, Querencia urge brands to understand their workers better, and to take into consideration the generation of employees will allow leaders to motivate teams more effectively.  A satisfied workforce will then offer a better service as enthusiasm and intrinsic drive increases.

The rare research surveyed delegates and had them list in order the importance of drivers related to satisfaction in the workplace, and Health was ranked in the top two for all generations.  Taking care of well-being within the firm will boost health and reduce stress in the workplace.  Querencia is taking care of their contractor’s workplace happiness, and they understand that personal and professional development is high on the agenda in their company.  Providing multiple learning opportunities throughout the day including workshops and seminars from industry experts allows everyone to upskill and improve their career options.  The firm is confident their work hard, play hard approach boosts morale in the office and team night activities are regularly organised to promote in office working relationships.  Clients and partners have commented on the glow that emits from the ground floor teams and how this enhances the brand image externally and forms part of the firms marketing.

Launched earlier this year, Sheffield based Querencia is on a mission to bridge the gap between brands and their consumers by offering personalised, interactive marketing services that focus on creating a memorable customer experience. Bringing brands to life through thought-provoking presentations and meaningful communication the firm helps brands to maintain positive customer relationships, which drives brand loyalty and increases weekly ROI. The company’s identity was created around the Spanish term for a safe place, where people can go to draw their strength.  Querencia is committed to offering this safe place to their clients, allowing them to feel confident that their marketing processes are taken care of and freeing up their time and resources to make the most of their strengths – growing and developing their brands.

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