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Querencia States "Find your Passion and Purpose"

Querencia States “Find your Passion and Purpose”

Querencia specialises in face-to-face marketing and sales solutions, believing that their years of operating in this sector give them an advantage in this competitive market. Their direct marketing technique offers an ROI guarantee, as it puts the power in the hands of the customer, allowing for the opportunity to ask questions, become immersed by the brand, and identify exactly how the product could meet their needs.

The firm is bringing a fresh perspective to the industry with a focus on providing a memorable brand experience, leaving their customers confident enough to make a final purchase decision. They also provide personalised marketing services that are tailored to the needs of their clients. This combination of their unique marketing technique and an increased demand for bespoke marketing services has led to a rapid growth in the company and has made Querencia question their role in creating the next generation of sales and marketing entrepreneurs.

Querencia wants to play a prominent role in creating the next generation of sales and marketing entrepreneurs. They are doing this by offering ambitious sales and marketing professionals with the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders, to take on new challenges and learn what it takes to build their own business. Querencia want to play a key role in developing this new generation of direct sales agents

This focus on development has led the firm to think about what it takes for young professionals to succeed as entrepreneurs. Alongside a commitment to achieving their goals, Querencia believes that all ambitious young professionals share the same trait of having a clear passion and purpose.

For Querencia Passion and Purpose are fundamental to development within sales and marketing. They have highlighted a specific analogy that explains this point: that an individual’s passion starts the engine but purpose gives that passion a direction so they can reach their goals. Querencia wants all their team to realise that the ultimate route to success is by following your passion while living out your purpose. It is no secret that marketing and sales are a dynamic environment, which often places a number of hurdles in the way of young entrepreneurs. Querencia believes that the correct balance of passion and purpose will enable young professionals to adapt to this ever-changing environment and achieve their goals.