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The Querencia Marketing Approach


Outsourcing any business process can be hugely stressful, and one which has a direct impact of revenue is particularly unnerving. At Querencia we understand this, which is why our clients only ever pay for the results we generate, meaning that their budgets are not affected by sudden market trends or changes to consumer behaviour.


In Spanish terminology, a Querencia is a place where an individual goes to draw strength and we believe this is a service we offer to our clients. Using our sales and marketing expertise, experienced sales force and face to face marketing strategies, we offer brands a service which generates greater power and allows them to win in even the most competitive of markets.


One of our biggest assets here at Querencia is our dedicated, enthusiastic and ambitious workforce – who are constantly going above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients brands’ shine. Due to their talent and commitment we do all we can to reward their efforts, and build a welcoming community where everyone is free to share their ideas and express themselves.